Easy Magic 3



False Counts and False Displays.

Magic tricks and card control for magicians. Learn magic the easy way.

... Ascanio Spread
... Elmsley Count
... Jordan Count
... Three Way False Cut

Card control refers to a method whereby a magician can place a spectator’s selected card in a seemingly random position in the deck, but the card secretly ends up in a specific position which is usually the top or the bottom.

Controls range in difficulty from complicated sleight of hand that allows a card to placed in a random position and brought to the desired one, to easy cuts that openly cut the deck as if to mix it, but actually brings the card to the desired position.

The magician will often allowing the spectator to place his card back into the deck then the magician will use a card control to bring the card to the top or bottom of the deck.

With a little practice, anyone can be an Amazing Magician! Every Easy Magic app has magic tricks that you can learn to perform for your friends. If you're a beginner and want to learn easy magic tricks, you've come to right place. Every app in the Easy Magic series will teach several easy magic tricks that anyone can learn and perform for their friends.

If you want to pursue magic, you'll want to learn some simple tricks then move on to the more advanced Easy Magic apps. This volume teaches many card sleights and controls that will be used in more advanced card tricks.

A little practice will help you to perform cool and easy magic tricks. Learn magician misdirection sleights and have fun as you discover magic secrets and handling skills revealed to help impress and entertain your audience every time.

Tips and hints to help you become a successful magician:
Practice in front of a mirror so you can see the trick as your audience will.
Practice the "patter" as well as the trick. Figure out before hand what you want to say during the show. Good patter will help distract the audience just enough to keep them from guessing how you've pulled off your magical feats!
Resist the temptation to tell how the trick worked... keep them guessing and they'll be even more impressed with your show.
Never do the same trick more than once for the same audience. It makes it too easy for the audience to guess how it was done.
Control the seating arrangements... some of the tricks require that the people be looking straight at you. Have the audience remain seated throughout the show.
Wherever you can, borrow the objects from the audience... coins, pencils, napkins, etc. Borrowing from the audience makes it seem like the magician hasn't had time to do anything sneaky to the item. This makes everything seem more magical!
The magic enthusiast and professional want to be remembered by their friends and spectators. Performing magic tricks that are easy, yet unbelievable, helps you accomplish this.
Take your mind off of your hands and onto your spectators. Engage and have a conversation with your audience.
These Easy Magic apps will expose the myths of magic used by magicians and teach you easy magic tricks to perform for your family and friends.

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