Easy SMS Emoji Plugin



Easy SMS Emoji plugin, enable you to send many lovely/cool/funny emoji icons to iPhone or Android phones with Pansi SMS and its Emoji plugin.
All the emoji are sent by SMS, needn't MMS.

1. Please make sure you've installed the Easy SMS 1.6 (or above) while you install this plugin. You can search "Pansi" on Android market to get the Easy SMS.
2. How to use the Emoji? When you edit a SMS, Press the attach button,then press the "Emoji" beside the edit box and you can see the cool/lovely/funny emoji.
3.IF you send emoji to Android phone, please make sure that the recipients also have had Pansi SMS and Pansi SMS Emoji plugin installed, so that emoji can be displayed correctly in their phones.
4.IF you send emoji to iPhone, the recipient need not install any plugin.

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