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In this application you will find all the TV channels, radio stations and newspapers from El Salvador!, In the case of television channels not all are compatible for viewing live on android but many are! but in all you can see the prerecorded videos! if there is a media you will like to add to the application just send me an email and add it!
AAAAhhhhhhh and I added a gift, I included a website where you can see a lot of football (Soccer) (PSN TV sports channel)!! Barcelona and Real Madrid! all the league from Spain! Champions! and all major football leagues from the world and yes this is compatible with Android if you have the Flash player app (newer versions of android) LIVE!

All News papers

88.5 FM Radio Paz, S.S.
88.9 FM Que Buena, S.S.
89.1 FM Radio Musicalisima, San Miguel
89.3 COOL FM, S.S.
89.7 FM Radio Bautista, S. S.
89.7 FM Radio Esperanza, S.S.
90.1 FM Agape Radio Occidente, Sonsonate
90.1 FM Caliente, San Miguel
90.1 FM Laser Español, S.S.
90.5 FM Radio Estereo Vision, La Libertad
90.5 FM Radio Progreso, S.S.
90.9 FM Eben Ezer, La Union
90.9 FM Radio UPA, S.S.
91.3 FM EXA, S.S.
91.7 FM YSUCA, S.S.
92.1 FM Radio Fe y Alegria, Lago de Coatepeque
92.1 FM Radio Guazapa, S.S.
92.5 FM Club, S.S.
92.5 FM Doremix, Santa Ana
92.5 FM Radio Salem, Acajutla
92.9 FM Laser Ingles, S.S.
93.3 FM Globo, S.S.
93.7 FM Radio El Mundo, S.S.
94.1 FM Radio Super Estrella, S.S.
94.5 VOX FM, S.S.
94.9 FM Astral, S.S.
94.9 FM Galaxia, La Union
94.9 FM SuperMix, Juayua
95.3 FM ECO FM, S.S.
95.3 FM Radio Fe y Vida, Santa Ana
95.7 FM Radio Verdad, S.S.
95.7 FM Stereo Digital, Usulutan
96.1 FM Scan, S.S.
96.5 FM Agape Radio Oriente, San Miguel
96.5 FM Dial, Usulutan
96.5 FM Radio Adventista, S.S.
96.5 Roca FM, Sonsonate
96.9 FM Radio Nacional de El Salvador, S.S.
97.3 FM Power, S.S.
97.3 Jes FM, Sonsonate
97.4 FM Radio Carnaval, San Miguel
97.7 FM Radio Luz, S.S.
97.9 Real FM, Metapan Santa Ana
98.1 FM Carisma
98.1 FM Genesis, Sensuntepeque
98.1 FM La Pantera, San Miguel
98.1 FM Radio Revelacion, S.S.
98.1 Gospel FM, S.S.
98.5 FM Cadena Cuscatlan, S.S.
98.9 FM La Mejor, S.S.
99.7 FM Rx, San Miguel
99.7 Full FM, S.S.
100.1 FM ABC, S.S.
100.9 FM La Chevere, S.S.
101.3 FM Cadena Monumental, S.S.
102.1 Radio (102uno)
102.5 FM La Femenina, S.S.
102.9 FM radio 102nueve, S.S.
103.3 FM Radio Clasica, S.S.
104.1 FM Radio YSKL, S.S.
104.5 FM Cadena Sonora, S.S.
104.9 FM Fiesta, S.S.
105 Salsa, S.S.
105.3 FM Soda Stereo, Santa Ana
105.7 FM YXY, S.S.
106.1 FM El Camino, S.S.
106.1 FM Estereo Vision, Ahuachapan
106.1 FM Radio Chaparrastique, San Miguel
106.1 FM Radio Impacto, Sonsonate
106.5 FM Ranchera, S.S.
106.9 FM Radio Adventista RSA, San Miguel
106.9 FM Radio Guanaca, S.S.
107.7 FM Fuego, S.S.
700 AM Radio Mi Gente, S.S.
780 AM Radio Cambio, S.S.
870 AM Radio Renacer, S.S.
1100 AM Radio Don Bosco, S.S.
1390 AM Radio Getsemani, La Union
Discotec Radio, S.S.
Grupo Dutriz Radio, S.S.
La Voz Poderosa de El Salvador, S.S.
Mi Radio El Salvador, USA
Radio Aktivo, S.S.
Radio Fiesta Tropical
Radio Generacion 5, S.S.
Radio Iglesia Bautista, Chinameca San Miguel
Radio La Supersonica, S.S.
Radio Recuerdos Online
Radio Renacer, S.S.
Radio Super Selectos, S.S.
Radio Variedades Genesis, S.S.
Radio Vida Plus
Sekai Radio
TvG Radio, S.S.

TV list:
Canal 8
Canal 10
Canal 12
Canal 19 (not visible in Android, but you can see the videos).
Canal 21 (not visible in Android, but you can see the videos).
Canal 33
Canal 67
TCS (not visible in Android, but you can see the videos).
Deportes PSN

NOTE: Samsung Galaxy needs Android 3 and up

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