Electron Battery Widget

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    Electron Battery is a 2x2 battery indicator widget. The platform of the RECOGNIZER rises and falls, not to kidnap you for the games, but to indicate your battery level! The lower your battery levels, the lower the platform goes. It also indicates the level numerically. The widget updates approximately once a minute.

    *NOTE* Motorola phones report battery life information by the TENS, for example: 10, 20, 30, 80, 90, and so this is what the widget will display if you have a Motorola device - please keep this in mind.

    You may choose between a standard RECOGNIZER or an exotic ice blue version.

    Can be configured to launch any app you have installed, when tapped.

    Tries to be battery friendly: It does not use a persistent service, and when the phone enters sleep mode, it stops issuing updates until you turn the screen on again.

    Upon installing you will be presented with a logo and a screen with some basic instructions and disclaimers. This
    This Activity can be launched again from your application drawer.

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