Electroshocker Zero



Electroshocker Zero is a extreme loud virtual electro Shocker, Taser / Stungun with over 50 possible sound combinations, screen and haptic effects. Use it as additional security tool or even for fun as joke / scare / prank tool.

- NEW! Over 50 possible sound combinations
- NEW! Vibration - haptic effect
- NEW! Double, Boost, Clip, Distortion and Pitch function
- NEW! Scare Prank Timer countdown
- XTREME loud sound
- NEW visual effects, electricity gun HD
- Adjustable volume and screen effects
- Up to 7 sounds to choose from

This is a prank app by ZetApps. This app simulates advanced functions of virtual Shocker, Security, Tazer, Stun Gun or Electroshocker Tool for Fun, Joke, fear, scare, and Prank purposes. This app contains fake functionality.

WARNING: Use this app at your own Risk. Some people may react extreme. Please do not in shock children, old people or people with heart disease!

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