Emergency Police



Totally realistic, this is the ultimate Police car simulator for android. With Police Sirens, you can use your device to realistically simulate a police siren with lights and sounds!

Attention : Do not use in real life or for real life emergencies.

* Siren sounds include:
- Wail : Sound of a police car
- Yelp : Another sound of a police car
- European : Sound of a European police car
- Mix : Mixture of police car sounds. Very popular.
- Italian : Sound of an Italian police car. Very unique.
- Dutch : Sound of a Dutch police car. Very unique.
- Rapid : Shake, during flashing lights, for a rapid siren
- None : No sound

* Lights includes:
- Red : Entire screen flashes red
- Blue : Entire screen flashes blue
- Red : Top of screen flashes blue, bottom flashes red
- Alternating : Entire screen flashes red and then flashes blue.

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