Engrilator allows you to take any sentence or phrase and watch as it becomes twisted and mangled into something amusing and hilarious. It works by utilising the power of machine translation to pass your sentence/phrase through a number of different languages and back to English again. By the time it's been through this round trip the results will leave you in hysterics. Have endless fun finding sentences and phrases that tickle your funny bone.

Check the screenshots for some truly priceless results that we think stand out the most.

1. Enter your sentence or phrase and press the > button to begin Engrilating.
2. Your Engrilated results will appear on the screen.
3. You can Re-Engrilate the same sentence, or you can Engrilate the results with the > button for further madness!

- Translate any sentence or phrase into ludicrous Engrish!
- Multilingual! Enter a French, Italian or a sentence in any other language and see the results in Engrish!
- Engrilator is an ad supported app, however you can purchase Premium status from within the app's main menu to remove the ads for life, only £0.69.

Engrilator requires Internet access to obtain the results of your Engrilation. Engrilator may also send statistical results for analytics purposes. We can assure you that no personal information is disclosed.

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