EnKriptor is a simple yet stylish app to encrypt any kind of message as well as decrypt it.


1. Write and encode your message fast.
2. Encode more than once for better security.
3. Copy encoded message to paste and send through Email or SMS
4. Decrypt encoded message easily.

If you're having trouble sending your love message or secret email then this app will be your best friend. With just a touch of a button you can encrypt your written text and send it to your desired person. They can decrypt the message through the app with one easy touch. Secret messaging has never been this simple yet interesting.

The app EnKriptor is designed in a fantastic way in order to keep the user interface simple. You can encrypt very fast and also decrypt it quickly, the encryption technique is kept secret so that decryption is not possible without the software.

One import feature in the EnKriptor is that you can encrypt your message several times. This presents you the dynamic opportunity to make your encryption even more secure.

Use the reset button in EnKriptor if you`re having issues with the app. EnKriptor is programmed in such a way that it`s the fastest encryption tool that you can get.

When encryption is done you just have to copy your encrypted message and send it via mail or sms to the other person. Decryption is possible on that end with the help of this app and knowing number of times you have encrypted the code.

One great tip to keep your Encryption most secure is when you have encrypted the message then delete the last encrypted letter from the encryption message. Tell the person to add the letter while decryption. In that way of decryption you will gain the most secure way.

It doesn't matter how you use the app but be sure that no one can read your secret message when you use this amazing app.

Good luck sending secret messages !

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