This app is for professional magicians and mentalists.

The app allows you to get information via the Pebble Watch or a covert earpiece based on a card that a spectator selects.

A ID is used with this app.

2 spectators are selected and face each other in chairs. The sender (the person with the app) is instructed to select a card from the app and not to show anybody what they selected.

The 2nd spectator (the receiver) is given a ID deck and is instructed to concentrate on the card that the sender is sending.

The 2nd spectator is then instructed to turn the card in the deck they are holding over so that it is the only one that is turned over in the deck.

The card is revealed by the magician/mentalist and then then the sender is asked to show everybody the card that they selected.

The program is optimized for the Samsung Galaxy 3S, 4S and Notepad 2.

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