Evanova for EVE Online



Evanova is the most complete Android application for managing your Eve Online characters and corporations and viewing Eve Online information.

- Up to date with Eve Online content.

- Import in-game characters or corporation with an Api key, Eve SSO or other applications.

- Unlimited characters and corporations support.

- Comprehensive information, including skill training, mails, contracts, industry jobs, starbases and much more.

- Send and receive in-game mail (requires SSO to send mails).

- Revamped fitting tool with the ability to import your in-game fittings (requires SSO).

- Manage your skill plans with full integration with EveMon format.

- Notifications for the most important events from Eve Online.

- Route planning including jump ship planning.

- Up to date item database and market information.

- Server status and latest Eve Online news.

- Supports all device sizes and adapts seamlessly to your device's display.

- Many widgets available for display on your device's desktop.

- Free of ads, registration or such obstruction to your usage: only send your ISK donations in-game to "Evanova Android" if you want to express your appreciation. Monetary donations should go to a charity of your choice instead.

Please feel free to contact evanova.mobile@gmail.com, or "Evanova Android" in-game for support and reporting issues.

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