Event Crasherz




    View event details, list of attendees, get tickets, and quickly access your tickets.
    View events, get tickets, and quickly access all of your tickets and event information from your Android device. The world of events, including your tickets is right in the palm of your hand.
    With Event Crasherz for mobile, you can:
    * View list of all the events created by you.
    * View details about the events.
    * View the list of tickets bought by you.
    * Easily share events with your friends.
    *Easily access your event details and ticket details on the go.
    *Go paperless and access tickets from anywhere
    *Scan the ticket directly from your android or I phone device.
    Event Crasherz also helps people in discovering and sharing events that match their passions. Anyone can use Event Crasherz for any kind of event. Find events and quickly access your tickets and event information. Event Crasherz organizers can check in attendees faster with this app. You can look up attendees on the guest list .You can validate their tickets using the scanning feature. All check-ins are synced with our servers.

    Do you also own an iPhone or iPad? The Event Crasherz app is also available for download in the Apple App Store. All check-ins and event data will sync seamlessly across both platforms.

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