**Attention! This app doesn't work very well anymore. A new version of it is in the works and will be released soon. I'm working with the Everfree Network team on their api so most things won't wonk here anymore. Stay tuned for more!

Listen to Everfree Radio on your Android powered device!

The app is now open source! https://github.com/Jessecar96/Everfree

** If you're having trouble with the stream pausing and cutting out use the StreamProxy option or lower the stream quality in settings! **

○ Listen to Everfree Radio
○ Request tracks
○ Watch Everfree Video stream
○ Chat on canternet IRC
○ Select stream quality
○ View song title/artist
○ Vote songs up/down
○ Expandable (Android 4.1+ only) notification while playing
○ Stream proxy for buffering
○ View song info on lock screen (Android 3.0+ only)
○ Holo UI, just like it should be
○ Languages: English, Dutch, and Russian

A note on video: Flash player is used when the stream is not live (State of brony, etc). HTML5 is used when it's live (brony breakdown, etc)
You can enable flash in settings. It's disabled by default.

Changelog: http://goo.gl/3dac6

Please report all crashes/ANR's. I'll fix them asap.
You can contact me via email for other bug reports or suggestions.

Everfree Radio © 2012 Poison Joke Productions LLC
Everfree Radio content policy: http://everfree.net/channels/everfree-radio/content-policy/

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