Expo Quest



Expo Quest App is a treasure hunt app designed for use within conferences and exhibitions. It allows players to actively search for treasures at specific locations within each venue and use the device camera to scan the treasure. If the treasure is correctly recognised during scanning, the app will credit the player with points. For each quest, the player with the most points wins.

- In the Quest Status screen, check which objects to hunt and where to find them within the expo premises (e.g. company logo).
- Click on Hunt to activate the camera and scan the object.
- Each item captured correctly will credit you with 100 points and will be shown as checked in the Quests Status screen.
- A leaderboard is displayed in the app showing the ranking of each player in real time.

Expo Quest is powered by Catchoom's award-winning image recognition technology.

With Catchoom, you can recognise print media or physical objects fast and effectively with no need for additional QR codes.

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