Eye Scanner Lock



Eye Scanner Lock unlocks your phone by using front camera of your phone, and scans your retina pattern.

Set the number of cycles it will scan before it can allow you to unlock the phone. Now place your eye in the scan area and press scan same number of times, so if you choose 4 cycles then you wait for it to scan your finger 4 cycles or times then take your finger off and your phone will be unlocked.

You can set Eye Screen lock to appear as phone unlock, so that it will start up immediately after your phone is unlocked. By default this functionality is not checked. And if you want this function go to menu, click to lock screen and enable the lock screen.

Note: It is impossible to lock any phone using just eyes and fingerprint, this application is for fun purposes only and will not lock your phone forever. This app is not really scanning your retina but is just a prank application.

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