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Fake A Call & SMS Pro

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Ever been stuck on a disaster date and wished you had a way to get the hell out of there? Do you always get chatting to the most boring person at a party?

Need a reason to leave, well now you can just Fake a Call to yourself!!

Set the exact time of the call, or just sit your phone on the table and wave your hand over the phone to trigger a fake call! - never be stuck on the blind date from hell ever again!

No more tedious business meetings for you, fake a family emergency and you are outta there!

Customize the incoming 'fake message' so it says exactly what you want it to, for example...

'Hi son, sorry to be a pain but the car is broken down and I need a lift to the airport.. pls help!! xxx' Hey presto, an instant excuse to leave work early!!!

Add pictures of your friends and relatives to make the calls and sms' seem 100% authentic.

Download the easiest to use, best Fake a Call & SMS app today!

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