Farm Animal Sounds



Farm Animal Sounds includes awesome farm animals and their sounds. Custom designed for your phone Farm Animal Sounds has best looking farm animals including Deers, Goats, Horses, Chicken, Rooster, Dog, Turkey and many other farm animals.

Farm Animal Sounds are best suited to play for your animals and entertain kids with animal sounds and teach them how the farm animals sound. Farm animals includes:

1. Big Deer and Baby Deer Sounds.
2. Horses sounds with Horses running and making all kinds of sounds.
3. Goat sounds and sheep sounds.
4. Chicken sounds and rooster sounds.
5. Duck sounds and dock groups.
6. Dog Barking and Dog sounds when they are in group.

Awesome application to play sounds with volume control and sound loop to play with.

Best collection of farm animals and farm sounds. Best suited to entertain kids who love farm animals and farm animal games.

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