Fart Pranks Z4Z Pro



Use the ad-free and legendary Fart Pranks Z4Z Pro to record funny fart prank videos with your teachers, friends and family. Surprise the girl next door and run a rig with loud farting traps. This ultimate "Fart Machine" has a lot of free funny farting and pooping sound effects and allows Video recording with Facebook and YouTube sharing:

- Fart machine with 50 funny fart sounds
- Record video pranks
- Play a prank and share video on Facebook and YouTube
- Set farting Time traps
- Fart on Trigger-Button (for hidden farting)
- Shake pocket fart with motion sensor
- Place shaking and touching traps with motion sensor
- "Cyberfart" via Email and Bluetooth
- Set as ring tone

Just try it out and you will love it!

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