Farts, Burps, Rumors 5 in 1



Funny application with sounds, noises, burps, farts, Sneezing, Coughing, sounds of vehicles and animal sounds, sounds of gunfire and weapons Silencer, Thompson, Uzi, Shotgun, MG42, minigun, AK47, AWSM, Desert Eagle, Glock, M1 and SS2.
Timer function and motion sensor to make jokes and have fun with your friends.

Tags: blagues sur les rots , burp and fart , toques engraçados de arrotos autos , homer burping soundboard , rots des stars , toques engraçados de peido e arrotos , toques de arrotos e peidos , aplicacion para celular eructos pedos , musíca engraÇada de peidos e arrotos

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