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We're certain this is the best TV Guide for Android - check our reviews! A fantastic, simple, swipeable TV guide that works even when you're offline. Optimised for both tablets and small screens. Browse TV listings with a single flick and get details of the latest programmes on Freeview, Sky, Virgin and others with full regional variations.

A click gets you useful programme information - episode and series number, total episodes, is it a repeat? Films are easy to find and the details include synopsis and film year. Set reminders (3.0+) or share a programme with your friends. Discover new programmes or plan your evening's viewing, whether it's BBC 1 or Film 4, Sky Living or Nickelodeon. Search across all UK television and radio channels.

Covers UK TV schedule on Freeview, Sky, Freesat, Virgin, Saorsat, Saorview and YouView.

Includes programme information, series, episode numbers and repeat indicator. Reminders and alerts through Google Calendar, share what you're watching, search by title.

Stores programmes five days ahead and two days behind. Option to only download schedules on WiFi

* Click on channel logo to see channel number and name
* Click on channel logo, then the 'hide' button to hide channels
* Click Menu -> Show hidden channels to un-hide channels
* Films are shown in orange text, finished programmes in grey
* Highlight genres (films, news, comedy, sports..) with the Genre menu
* Click on a programme to see its details
* Share and set reminders (3.0+) by clicking the icons on the programme details page
* Radio channels are hidden by default
* Hold and drag on a channel to re-order (Android 3.0+ only)
* The Left and Right arrows go forward and backward one day
* In search mode, arrows select next and previous search result
* Click Menu -> Reset and Reload to select a different broadcaster or region
* To prevent the app downloading data when mobile, choose 'Only use WiFi' in Settings
* To stop programme images being shown when viewing details, choose 'Don't load programme images' in Settings
* The guide automatically switches between portrait and landscape mode

We think it's the best UK TV Guide there is, and we hope you agree! Get the most from your television.

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