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You want to get a ferret or two?
You want to make sure your ferret has the best possible care?

Ferrets+ Is the app for ferret lovers to learn about these unique pets.
We own four ourselves we know how addictive they can be, If you’re looking for ways to care for your pet ferret
This app is perfect for ferret lovers on the go.

The app is loaded with information and articles it has links to great sites, a list of breeders and shelters, photos, videos and tips on how to keep your new friend healthy and happy. We also added a fun side that offers a Quiz with random questions, Slide puzzles, memory match games.

App Features:

• Article & News
• Photos & Videos
• A market place for unique Ferret accessories
• Places to find a Kit
• Memory matches games
• Slide Puzzles
• Wallpaper for your phone
• A quiz with random questions
• And easy way to submit your suggestions

Find from experienced ferrets owners:
• Shelters close to you
• Where to find specialized vets
• What special care will your ferrets require?
• Things to consider before getting one.
• Handling your ferret
• Housing proofing tips
• Getting the right food
• Finding the perfect cage
• Plus much, much more

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