Fight Sounds Simulator




    FREE!!! Just select your sound(punch, slap, combos) and start punching!!! Move your phone like it was your own hand and listen to the fight effects!!! If you are too lazy to move your fist then just play the test sound!!!!

    Available in spanish and english.

    -This app lets you simulate fight effects without having to do them yourself!!!
    -Simulate violent scenes without having to really punch anyone!!!
    -Hit counter to tell you the amount hits you've done!!!
    -Change the sensibility option for greater challenges!!
    -Funny app for children that want to re-live their cartoons that have fight scenes and us adults that like to fool around with fights while simulating anger and madness!!!
    -Play this with your friends or by yourself!!!! Good for kids that want to feel like they are on an action or adventure movie!!!
    -Random sound feature so you can simulate fights with various sounds just by hitting!!!!
    -New sounds that simulate Street Fighter and Dragon Ball Z Sounds like Goku's Kamehameha, Ryu's hadouken and shoryuken, and Guile's Sonic Boom.

    Enjoy this free fight sound application with your family and friends!!!

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