Fingerprint Lie Detector



Just speak a statement
and let the truth come out!

Did she steal your CD? Did he help her? Are they really your friends? How about that cheating spouse? Was he really thinking only about you all day? Is she just after you for your car? Did your friends all go out without you? Find out the answers to these and other questionable things with....The Lie Detector!

This is a great party app. Tons of fun just waiting to be had!
This new wave finger print scanner will briefly shown an actual fingerprint on the scanning pad when you touch it. The future is NOW! Why use the old 20th century line scanners when you can have a futuristic touch pad scanner?

This app cannot really tell the truth from a lie but your friends won't know that! Get a random "Truth" or "Lie" with each new statement.

For Entertainment Purposes Only!

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