Fingerprint Lie Detector



This free application is only a fake one for entertainment. Let¡¯s fool your friends.
Just speak a statement and let the truth be known! This app cannot really tell the truth from a lie but your friends won't know that! Get a random "Truth" or "Lie" with each new statement.


1. Fingerprint Lie Detector is a fun and free fingerprint scanning utility that tries to determine if somebody is telling a lie or the truth based on their thumb print scan!

2. You simply place your thumb on the scanner, make a statement, and the app will tell you if it is true or a lie.

3. Hold down the finger prints began to speak polygraph¡­

Hold down the finger print time must be more than five seconds, five seconds after the prompt¡­

4. When the polygraph scan is complete, results are calculated and displayed on the readout panel.


You can also share the app with friends so everybody can join in on the lie detecting fun!

It's also a great game for parties, fooling your neighbors, or impressing the ladies at the club!


Fingerprint Lie Detector is meant for entertainment purposes only. Please do not base life or death decisions on its results!
To offer free apps, we add icon and notification ads. When you open the app first time, you can allow it.

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