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Free Fingerprint Scanner to lock your phone!

There is NO POSSIBLE WAY this app can permanently lock you out of your phone or delete anything.

Invalid fingerprint scans will be denied access to prevent intruders. However when you scan your own fingerprint, you will be granted access quickly and easily.

Your friends will think you have the most secure phone ever! A great way to strike up a conversation with that girl at the club, or that guy at the gym. When they see you "scan" your finger to access your phone, they will think it is the coolest thing they have ever seen! Everyone will want what you have. What are you waiting for? Have the coolest lock screen in town!
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Note! - This app does not actually recognize your personal fingerprint. It works great as a lock screen, but is great for pranks, jokes, and fooling people. There is a hidden spot that, when touched once, will allow access to the phone. After touching the spot ONCE to allow entry, you can scan your fingerprint to be granted access. I am not liable for any actions involving the use of this app and can not guarantee that no one will be able to access your device while using this app. There is currently no reliable way to make this app actually run on your device by pressing the power/lock button so you can not actually make this app run when pressing the lock button on your phone. This is not a replacement for a real lock screen and is not for security purposes. This app is for entertainment purposes only.

ATTENTION: The "hidden spot" is the security shield! :ATTENTION

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