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    About Firestorm

    The first Firestorm was an amalgam of two people - high school student Ronnie Raymond and university professor Martin Stein.

    Ronnie Raymond was new at his high school, he was a football and basketball player and just wanted to fit in. Ronnie tried to impress a girl named Doreen Day . He finally caught the attention of Doreen, only for a jerk named Cliff Carmichael to decide Ronnie was his rival. Cliff made Ronnie look like an idiot so he had to find a way to redeem himself, and impress Doreen. In order to achieve this task Raymond joined an anti-nuclear activist group led by Eddie Earhart. (Later it was noted that Earhart was using this group as a cover up for his criminal activities) Ronnie tried to stop them when their protests turned violent. The group wanted to blow up an experimental nuclear power facility that had been designed by Martin Stein. Unfortunately for Stein his former assistant Danton Black (later known as Multiplex) who he had fired after he claimed that he was the one who created the plant, and Stein stole his credit rigged the plant to explode. The Anti-Nuclear Activist group knocked Stein unconscious, and tied up Ronnie Raymond, thus leaving them both to die. Earhart told Raymond, that he would pin the explosion upon his head as he was planning to blow the facility up as well. The explosion then breached the nuclear reactor, and caused the atomic blast.

    The explosion that followed fused them into one being. Ronnie being the one who physically controlled the body as he was the only one conscious during the blast, and Prof. Stein acting as a voice in the back of his mind. (usually portrayed as a disembodied head) Ronnie then realized that the explosion had given him extraordinary abilities. He had flaming hair, could shoot "fusion blasts" from his hands, phase through solid objects, and re-arrange atomic matter. They adopted the monicker Firestorm, and set out to be a hero.

    When Raymond and Professor Stein split, however, problems emerged. Stein couldn't remember his time as Firestorm, and could not trigger the hero's manifestation. When his time as Firestorm ended, Stein would often find himself in a strange place or situation, with no memory of how he got there. He turned to alcohol and was bent on self-destruction. Unfortunately when Stein took to drinking, the Firestorm persona would sometimes appear inebriated when summoned. Eventually Ronnie revealed the truth about Firestorm to Professor Stein, and he slowly began to remember his double life as Firestorm. Ronnie, and Stein later became great friends. Unfortunately they had to be very careful as both of them had the ability to summon the Firestorm persona. It wasn't until Ronnie showed the Professor photos of the merger was he able to recall any time as Firestorm. Eventually he developed the ability to remember his adventures thus making it easier on his consciousness.

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