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Do you have a secret crush?? Want to know the scope of a crush love or a serious relationship??.

Then try this game which has helped lovers to determine the scope of their love and relationship.

Flames is an classic fun love game to delight the young and old lovers in the world.It predicts the relationship between you and the people you have crush upon. Just play and enjoy the game

You can also upload your own images to show the relationship between you and crush.

So what FLAMES stance for?

It has a word starting from its every letter. It is really an Acronym. The full form of Flames is as follows:

F - Friendship
L - Love
A - Affection
M - Marriage
E - Enemy
S - Sister (Sibling)

How it works?

Love Compatibility :
• The love games also helps to determine many aspects related to love. Most pairs take up the games to find out the compatibility between each other.
• They also take up the games to see whether they are in love with the right person or not.
• These love predictions surely boosts your feelings of love.
• Many play the love games to see the final result of their relationship that whether it will develop into marriage or not.
• Basically the love game solves the queries of a romantic relationship as to whether it will break or work.
• Love's power is unconquerable. You can make your Valentine's Day special by opting for the Flames and many others.
• Simply take up any of the love games like flames and see your love future.

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