Flames is all about fun!!! It is a love calculator/a game/a love tester which can be played by anybody. The app just needs your name and your partner’s name. The partner may be your friend, your crush, your lover, your spouse. Each word in ‘FLAMES’ has a fun-filled meaning and I am sure one would enjoy it!

    F – Friend; L – Love; A – Affection; M – Marriage; E – Enemy; S – Sister

    The Game: Common letters in the girl and the boy’s name are taken off and the remaining letters are counted. If the count is say, 6 letters, the letters in ‘FLAMES’ is struck after every 6 count. And alas, one letter remains and which stores your result!

    Teens, boy/girl in a relationship, married couples would literally enjoy this. Also, FLAMES is such a fun word among friends, college students, colleagues at work and so on and so forth. What fun it is to pull your friend’s leg, teasing them about their partner with one of the above outcomes, isn’t it! Also do you have a secret crush and probably want to find out your scope of a relationship with that person? You should try FLAMES to begin with Though, there is no accuracy of a relationship, the fun element about this game can never be denied!

    Most of you would reminisce the days in your school/college where you had played this with so much zeal and energy and also get into nostalgia. We have tried to capture the same feel and with a pleasing ‘look and feel’ through this app.

    Happy FLAME-ing !!

    Since this is a free app, the only means of revenue would be through ads. Users are requested not to consider this as Spam.

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