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    Enjoy your FLV videos directly!
    Totally free on Android mobile phones and

    A free flv movie player
    Easy to use
    Simple design
    A movie list
    File browser of videos and images
    Fresh function
    Totally free

    1. There is a list of movies on your SD
    In fact, you can also get access to other
    video files except from flv files.
    This flv movie player can also play rmvb,
    avi, and other files.
    2. You may do something on some videos on
    SD card before, such as rename the movies and delete some movies.
    If you just press one movie, you may sometimes
    find that this movie has not been there already.
    So you should fresh your SD card and then
    you can get a new list of movies to play.
    3. In order to find your exact videos
    quickly, you can use BROWSER to look for.
    Faced with so messy SD card and so much
    videos on your mobile phone, you can get a lot from this function.
    4. You can also see some screenshot by
    You may have found that BROWSER only browses
    videos for you!
    This IMAGE is just for your browsing images
    These two browser are not full file
    You cannot get access to other unrelated
    5. In the process of video watching, you
    can pause and forward or backward your movie.
    If you stop at somewhere, you can continue
    at this point next time.
    It can save your process.
    If you don't like the brightness for now,
    you can pull up and down at the left side of the screen.
    Want to volume up and down?
    You can do it by pulling up and down on the
    right of your screen.
    Up is up, and down is down.
    6. You can set the size of your screen as
    you would like to.
    7. Screenshoting at some interesting scenes
    is also available to you for free.
    8. Simultaneous subtitle may be very
    helpful for you in the process of watching a foreign language movie.
    9. You can lock the screen to enjoy your
    movie relax.
    Any setting you want to make, and then you
    must press MENU to unlock the screen.

    Download FLV Movie Player Pro for free now!!
    Just have a try, you’ll find it really a
    good flv player!
    If you want more functions, send me an
    Any problem if it exists, tell me, please.
    Have fun!

    The audio and video data within FLV files might be encoded in the same manner as they are within SWF files. The latter
    F4V file format has been based on the ISO base media file format and is starting with Flash Player 9 update 3. Both formats can be supported in Adobe Flash Player and currently developed by Adobe Systems. FLV was originally developed by Macromedia.
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    The standards documentation for BBC Online state that the BBC now preferentially accepts Flash videos for submission, to the disadvantage of other formats previously in use on its sites such as RealVideo or WMV.

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