Football Team Playbook Pro



Design your plays, then quickly watch them execute in the Simulator. Team Playbook has the following exciting features:

 New Game mode allows you to play a game against friends.
 Create, Save, Load and Edit Plays.
includes passing, hand-offs and pitches
 Edit your Players for Size, Quickness, Speed and Strength
 Watch your Plays execute against the AI in the Simulator. Don't like what you saw?, quickly go back,
revise your play and simulate it again. revise the AI to use different plays or formations.
 Once your play is perfect, save it.
 Email capability to allow friends to view and run your plays.
 Support for multiple team sizes (11,8,7,5 and 4 man teams)

The Simulator:
 Play, Pause, Stop and Reset functionality.
 Executes your offensive and defensive plays.. but also uses intelligent AI techniques to fill in the gaps. No need to set every block or setup all coverages. Set only those you don't want the AI to handle.
 Uses the player's weight, strength, quickness and speed in the simulation calculations.
 Reports on the results of the play, once the ball carrier is tackled.

Configuration Settings:
 Set your team size (11,8,7,5 or 4 players)
 Adjust your player's image sizes
 Set your simulation speeds

Quick FAQ's
 Scroll the Action Tool panel to reveal more options.
 Scroll the field grabbing and moving the side-line.

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