Fortun8 Fred



Will I be rich?
Does so-and-so like me?

If you've ever wondered any of these questions, then you're in need of me, Fortun8 Fred! I am a brand new (cool, awesome, groovy, hip) Magic 8 Ball!
Ask me any Yes or No question, give me a shake, and I will answer!

But wait, keep reading!
Would you like a fortune? Yes you would. Well let's head on over to my "Fortunes" Tab!
Give me a good shake, and I will give you a nifty little fortune! I know some fortune cookies from back in the day.

But wait, I'm not done yet!
If you're ever in need of a random number, I'm your guy! Be it for a game, a lottery, or because you feel like shouting out some random numbers to your friends (it'll make you look smart), click on my "Numbers" Tab!
Give me a shake, and I will give you a precious number!

If I get anything wrong, I am so sorry and will try harder next time. The future can be quite tricky, and sometimes the water gets murky! Sometimes my hip hurts a little too.

But no worries, I've got you taken care of! I'm always accurate most of the time.

If you have any questions or would like to offer some helpful suggestions, just contact!

Rate me and leave good reviews!
Or else no, your crush does not like you and you may trip next Tuesday :)

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