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This app started from “Road to the world’s number one funniest apps”, a popular content in Softbank’s comedy life.

this app is designed by Takashi Fuji
Planned by Borusarino Seki, Yoshimoto’s female comedian, the app is full of recipes that will make your wishes come true based on five elements theory.

And for those who wondered who she is, there are many episodes about her from other Yoshimoto comedians.
other than these recipes you will be entertained by many other contents such as psychological tests brought to you by the Yoshimoto’s coolest comedians Peace Ayabe, License Fujiwara, Heisei Nobushikobushi Yoshimura and more.

we hope you can feel she is loved by many Yoshimoto Comedians.


Debut in 1992. He is a multi talent, have done many live performances, singer, plays, movies and dramas.

【Borusarino SEKI】
Teamed up with Yamada in May 1994 as a comedy duo. Started in Nagoya Yoshimoto and now is based in Tokyo Yoshimoto.

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