Freak Your Friends Out




    Freak your Friends Out is an amusing application, which will make you laugh at your friend's expense. This application offers you six bizarre sounds and you can easily use all of them. The application is comprised of few creepy, spooky and bizarre sounds. Use this application to have some fun time and you will definitely split your sides laughing. Get set to play a prank on your friends and they will be left freaked out.

    *Chainsaw Massacre- A butchery sound of a chainsaw will make the eyes of your friends pop out from their sockets.
    *Adrenalin rush- A bizarre sound of a man will make the blood of your friend run cold.
    *U.F.O- A loud cranky sound of a U.F.O will freak your friends out.
    *Halloween- A ghastly scream of a girl will send chills down your friends spine.
    *Pluto- This barking dog will bite the ear out of your friend.
    *Crying baby- A funny yet peeving sound of a crying baby will give a sudden shock to your friends.
    *Four additional tones including 2 Bonus Tones.

    Don't fall asleep !

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