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    Free Weapon Lecturer is the best lecturer that can tell you all knowledge about gun weapons! It teach you all information without accepting a penny! Just as other lecture, it is well known! It is something like Ebook but with beautiful pictures in it. There are about 100 types of guns offered in this free app. No matter what gun model you what to know, you can find the corresponding one easily. All guns we offered you is popular and powerful. It almost includes all great weapon developed by 8 countries! Knowing the knowledge of guns is really necessary for everyone. It is part of the basic education in the world. As a successful men, if you do not know the information about guns, you will suffer losses in the future!

    1. Tell you all information about 100 gun types.
    2. Classify all guns according to four standards: type, era, country and number of bullets.
    3. There will be a suit icon for every model of gun.
    4. When you search the gun's information, press the icon on top, you can get a large picture of the gun. As a result, you can see every part of the gun clearly!
    5. Four buttons help you manage the free app well:
    Setting ti keep the screen on.
    Supply can take you to Google Play page and you can tell me you suggestions by sending email. Please offer five satrs after using!
    About button help you download other free apps (like media player, horoscope and other apps) to your phone.
    6. It is a totally free app for all people.

    What information the lecture will tell you?
    Let's take the Besal as example:
    - Type: Light machine gun.
    - Place of origin: United Kingdom
    - Serve history: Used by On Standby only. War in world war Ⅱ
    - Production history: designer H. Faulkener and designed in 1940s. Its manufacturer is RSAF
    - Specifications: Weight ...
    Length ...
    Barrel length ...
    Cartridge .303 British
    Rate of fire 600RPM
    Feed system 30 round Bren compatible magazines
    Other gun types will be shown with the same introduction as the information we mention above! In addition to them, you can also see a large text after the basic introduction. It is just as detail as in Wikipedia!

    To make you stand in a high way in future, a guns lecture is important. Here we offer you Free Weapon Lecturer. You need not cost a penny, can you get all information on your mind. If you can not record them down, you can take it in your phone. Any time, you meet a problem about guns, you can open to find the answer! What are you waiting? It will be your best partner in the future! Download it now!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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