Funny Call



    Over 2.5 million apps downloaded! If you are looking to make a great crank call / prank call, this is the best app.

    Use Funny Call to change your voice during a live call!

    Perfect to make a Santa Call for the holidays, the best Christmas app!

    Sound like a creepy man, woman, alien, chipmunk, and more.

    Trick your best friend or your worst enemy.

    Call your girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, children and even your boss!

    You'll have everyone guessing and laughing for hours.

    Lots of crazy and fun voice effects like Alien, Cyborg, Ransom & Echo. Pro-Audio effects transform your voice during the phone call.

    • Included Effects •
    ✓ Ransom
    ✓ Chipmunk
    ✓ Echo
    ✓ Alien
    ✓ Super Low
    ✓ Cyborg
    and more...

    Place free calls anywhere in the world for a trial period, then purchase additional minute OR earn additional minutes for FREE!

    Funny Call is the ultimate Voice Changer and works on or off calls. Better than any fake call app since Funny Call allows you to place calls and change your voice on the call.

    Note: During a live call, your voice will sound normal to you but the person on the other end will hear your voice modified. Don't worry, Funny Call is working!

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