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Funny European History Quotes from an AP European History teacher! Jim Hannon is one of the most unique European History teachers you could imagine; unafraid to blurt out the craziest of ideas on European History! History is made surprisingly enjoyable with the excerpts of Hannon to lighten the mood!

European History Quote #1
(Discussing child labor in the mines of early England)
"If your day ends with 'Who's missing?' you're in England."

European History Quote #2
(Discussing early French occupations)
"...just a Rent-A-Boob..."

European History Quote #3
(After Poland lost another war)
"Let's revoke Poland's license to own a country and give it to Russia. They've had so many D.U.I.'s it's time to revoke their license."

European History Quote #4
(Answering a student when they stated 'I hear the French actually built a couple of robots recently.)
"Do the French robots have little white flags in their back pockets?"

European History Quote #5
(Martin Luther's attitude toward women)
"Get pregnant and make me a sandwich."


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