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The need for laughter is one which never ceases. And the person who is good at spreading laughter is someone who will always be the life of any party. So with this in mind, we created an application which will provide you with a variety of jokes designed to tickle the funny bone of your group of friends. With free inherently funny jokes and a variety of other witty cool jokes, you can be sure that your favourite jokes will go on to spread smiles all round the year. With our Funny PJ Jokes app which is designed to be incorporated with different types of jokes featuring Yo Mamma Jokes as well as other jokes tailored to meet your sense of humour, you can be one of the wittiest and funniest persons in the room.

Our jokes application also has an integrated transfer facility which lets you send these jokes directly from the application providing countless smiles per hour. With such a humour oriented application- you can be sure that you not only earn the distinction of being a person with a sense of humour but also one who can tickle the funny bone of countless people

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