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Funniest Voice Changer app for android phone users is here,,,
Funny voice changer app is the coolest fun free and top app to record your voice and changes it in to different funny voices.

You can also use this app as a new toy for your kids but it may become a matter of fight between you and your kids hahahahaha just kidding, after using this app you will also behave like a kid because this app is having very lovable features. 

You can make a female sound , turn your friends voice in different voices like a squeaky voice or sound like you are yelling in to a echoing cave.

Sometimes you just don't feel like yourself. With Funny Voice Changer, you won't sound like yourself either!
Choose from dozens of fun voices and sound effects. Want to sound like a lazy cat? A talking guitar or flute? A kid with very cute voice?
You can also use Text to speech and apply , save and share the sound effect.

It's so easy, just tap record, say something, and tap again. If you want to try a different voice, there's no need to record again. Just choose a new voice.

 :-----(also applies sound effects on texts)

-- Features –

*-*More than 10 sound effects with live recording and instant output
*-*Text to speech with sound effects
*-*Save your recordings on your android
*-* Easy sound library management, where you can save, share, and play the sound effects
*-*Save and share with just one click.
*-*Set them to ringtone with just one click.

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