G-Force Arena



Welcome to the G-Force Arena, where you finger gravity. The universe is populated by small particles for you to control. Amuse yourself with amazing visual effects. Changing color, speed, and many other factors create endless combinations of properties designated for your particles.
Some other properties include:

*Changing Particle Color
*Changing Tail Color
*Type of Particle
*Effect of Walls on your Particles
*Number of Particles
*Tail Length
*G-Force applied by your finger
*Enabling Anti-Gravity

Many more features are coming soon. Give us a 5-star rating, tell us how we did, and let us know how we can improve. New ideas are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

As of late, we have been working on an alternate mode of play in the arena. This mode includes multiple levels and a grading system for a players performance on a level. Without giving too much away, these levels will require quite a bit of work to meet dEVELdRONE's high standards of entertainment. We will always work hard, but any and all support vastly speeds things along. If you would like this spread the word about G-Force Arena and keep the 5 star reviews coming.

Special thanks to all of our supporters.

Developed by Jacob Van Geffen.

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