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This is the official app for The Game Changers Radio Show.

Right from your Android device you will be able to interact with our show and be kept up to date with our latest news, the experts, entrepreneurs, and other fascinating people that we have on our show.

You can listen to the show, send in pictures, send in voice-notes, and many other cool things.

We feature passionate people who are making a difference in their city, their industry, their field, or their life. We reveal the stories behind Game Changers inside and outside Chicago.

We interview Game Changers. We hear their stories, first-hand, and discover what makes them tick, how they achieve such great success, and the ups-and-downs of the journey they are on.

These Game Changers will inspire you, educate you, challenge you, motivate you, and lead you. These days, with all the negativity surrounding us, isn’t it refreshing to hear from people that are successful, happy, and giving?

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