Gamzee Makara Live Wallpaper



The nEwEsT Live Wallpaper in the Homestuck series, this Gamzee Makara Live Wallpaper is gonna make you honk at all of the mIrAcLeS!
You'll love seeing this cute (most of the time) troll just be himself!
As always; feel free to request a new one by leaving us a (five star?) review!

This app may not work with certain versions of Android (usually 2.0), and may just crash. If it doesn't work at all, or goes across the screen and spazzes, please don't leave us a low review as it hurts us and there's nothing we can do.
The settings menu does nothing, so it may crash as well.
Gamzee Makara/Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie and Whatpumpkin?

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