Generate Fantasy Names



Generate Fantasy Names is a intelligent semi random name generator.

Generate Fantasy Names has been developed as a tool for any fantasy roleplaygame (such as Warhammer Fantasy RP, Dungeons and Dragons, DnD 3.5, DnD Next, Ars Magica, Pathfinder, Fragged Empire etc) in mind, and can be useful for roleplayer or game master / dungeon master / storyteller, or even for fantasy writers. Use Generate Fantasy Names as a name generator for your online computer games such as World of Warcraft or any other RPG.

Semi random names based on your criteria
Store your favorite names and send them as a text or mail to your friends.

Groups of given names include
- Catpeople names

- Devas names
- Deamon names
- Drow names
- Dwarf names
- Elf names
- English given names
- Fantasy given names (4000+)
- Fragged Empire names, Corp, Legion, Kaltorans and Nephilim
- French given names
- German given names
- Giant names
- Goblin names
- Halfling names
- Kitsune names
- Nordic names
- Orc names
- Ratpeople names
- Tavern names
- Tiefling names
- Viking names
- Vos names
- Vampire names
- Warforged names

Groups of surname include:
- (english) professions
- Dwarf surname
- Elf surname
- Halfling
- French
- German
- Irish
- Scottish
- Spanish

Groups include:
Action words

In Generate Fantasy Names you select different groups of words/names, for example Title - English Male Name - Color - Animal and Generate Fantasy Names and will give you names like "Sir Ayamon Black Eagle" or "Master Ruben Grey Bear", the list goes on and on.

Categories of words Generate Fantasy Names include:

Titles (ex Lord, commander, Sir)
English male Name (ex John, Bryson, Conrad)
Colours (ex black, dark, white)
Weather effects (ex moon, blizzard, cloud)
Metal (ex iron, gold, silver)
Weapon (ex pike, sword, hammer)

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