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    A cute boy who is looking for geocache cookies in a maze.

    Story is that there is a boy who loves cookies so much that he decided to look for more cookies in a maze. This maze is filled with monsters and cookies. Once you have entered into this maze, you have to find out all geocache cookies safely. Only in this way can you go out of this maze. Try not to annoy monsters in this maze, or you will never come out again.

    This free application is a game that a cute boy tries his best to avoid being trapped by the monster in this maze. You have to break out some blockades and pass away from monsters in a tarp zone.


    This free application can be available to you in mobile phones and tablets on Android!

    It is simple to handle the rule and easy to pass the blocks.

    You have operations of forwarding, back warding and up and down.

    This free game can bring you hours of fun and endless challenging.


    The blue blocks can be broken when you just pass by. The white blocks is not easy to break and you had better detour these strong blocks. As for these balls, you just can push it and get your way to cookies.

    In the process of your geocaching cookies, you must not drop in the monster trap. Or you will lose this game. So be careful of monsters.

    The more cookies you eat, the more scores you will get. There are 10 cookies waiting for you in level 1. Try something different in level 2.

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