Geocaching with a QR code ( Scavenger ) you can hide messages or messages on virtual locations and places.

    Only if you are in such a location , you can view the message or decrypt the message.

    You can make a scavenger hunt game yourselves. You use the Geocaching QR code ( Scavenger ) APP

    You select a QR code by pressing next to the QR code on TAG , then determines which message or message should be linked to and where the message must be seen.

    Note that you specify in the login screen that you want to use geo tagging.

    Smart QR Code is unique and patented software.

    • Link your personal message directly to a Smart QR code, just using a mobile phone
    • Supports al kind of media and other content
    • Create , manage and share all your QR codes
    • Manage QR codes by mobile phone
    • Private video platform
    • Dynamic QR Codes
    • Conditional QR Codes
    • Display content on specific locations GPS (geo tagging)
    • Patented technology


    • Video
    • Documents
    • Audio
    • Links to websites and social media
    • Images
    • Email or phone number

    Smart QR Code:

    A Smart QR Code is a conditional QR code and determines which content will be shown on the basis of a condition. You can add conditions like country, exact geolocation, language, mobile phone type, password, time or date etc. Smart QR Code supports media like video, photo, documents and files, music, mobile pages, weblinks, etc.

    Smart QR Code has a private video and media library for all your files and videos. Manage just by using your mobile phone or use for extended conditions Sharing your media using the QR code or short link for social media or send directly to your printer or printing office.

    Why using Smart QR Code?:

    • Professional QR technology
    • Managed by mobile phone or by website for extended conditional functions
    • Conditional behavior QR Code
    • Dynamic, print once, use always
    • Geolocation technology
    • Private media store
    • Create your own web pages ( CMS )
    • Analytics
    • Combining QR and media technology
    • Patented technology

    For more information go to:

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