Ghost Detector



A lot of ghosts around you. You can feel that.
This ghost detector can help you to detect paranormal activity, using your phone's camera with AR (augmented reality)!


Using this paranormal detector you can look around and find really many ghosts around you.
It analyzes nearby energies and shows you a possible location of the ghosts, demons, entities, phantoms, spirits and other paranormal activity.
You can even see their possible appearance, ghost faces.


It can be used as ghost radar which shows you a location of any paranormal activity.
Paranormal entities are shown on that ghost radar as red blinking dots.


Ghost Detector can also be used as ghost finder, ghost scanner, ghost meter, ghost camera, ghost communicator, paranormal detector, ghost locator.
Feel like ghostbuster!


NOTICE that this ghost radar is for FUN purposes only! It's a FAKE! If you believe in ghosts you can try some other more realistic applications like Ghost Radar Classic, Ghost Radar Legacy etc.
No guarantees! Use for entertainment, use it to prank your friends. It looks really scary and creepy!


I hope you like my app, and I want to keep it free for you.
In order to do that, there is ad banner in my app.
But there is PRO version of my app for only $1.5!
If you don't want to see ads in this app you can buy pro version.
There is a link:

Permissions "INTERNET" and "NETWORK ACCESS" are needed only to display advertisement!


PRO version also includes EMF meter. You can measure a strength of electromagnetic field using PRO version of this ghost detector. Ghosts affect your your device's magnetic sensor which is monitored by this application. Notice that EMF sensor works fine if there are no metallic objects nearly.

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