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Application for Automatic Handwriting

Application of series Sense Contact, for the automatic writing that converts values ​​of magnetic sensors in scrittura.Secondo some theories, it would be possible to establish a contact with entities from deceased persons and other entities with just a pen and a sheet of paper, the entities contacted appropriating moment of consciousness, would be able to write a complete message or a series of words that when combined, would form complete sentences. As a result can be achieved with just a pen, so the digital can give us a great help in achieving a contact with an entity. The operation is very clear: The values ​​of the sensors are digital and each sensor can generate a positive or negative value. An algorithm establishes a unique index, obtained by mathematical calculations; in turn, the index will point to a word in the dictionary built. Hypothetically, an entity would have full control of the dictionary and so it would be in degrees to choose the words to display. When you first start, it will open the settings window from which you will set the type of writing, the name of the file and the sensitivity of the sensors. After saving the settings will start scanning. Upon completion of each page, it will be saved in png format. Saved pages can be viewed by clicking on the menu button and selecting saved pages. Clicking on an 'image, it can be deleted or shared. The author is not responsible for the misuse of any damage, injury to persons or property, violations of privacy or any other breach. All damage caused by improper belong to the responsibility of the user. Reading this information implicitly accept the conditions previously written. Application is not recommended for people who are particularly emotional, morally fragile. The application should be used only for entertainment purposes.
The purchase of this software is free donation to the work of the genius programmer who will use this small amount to pursue this and other projects.

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