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    Complete list of ALL GHOSTS weapons, with SOUNDS, pictures, statistics from the game (accuracy, damage, range, rate of fire and mobility), multiplayer damage (near and far) and real-life information (like muzzle velocity, weight, barrel length and much more)!!

    Tap on the image to SHOOT and hear the sound!! Realistic RECOIL thanks to phone VIBRATION while shooting!! :)

    This is a must-have for every "Ghosts" fan: you will be able to improve you knowledge of guns even when you are not fighting on the battlefield!! :)

    This is not an official app and BunnyBen is not associated or affiliated with developers of any game or any of their partners. "Ghosts" doesn't refer to any existing game, it's just a random word that identify this group of weapons. BunnyBen is also not associated with weapons manufacturers and weapons information (weight, length, barrel length, cartridge, ...) are taken from the internet and could be wrong.

    BunnyBen app cod : 0002 (use this number to univocally identify this app in support e-mail)

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