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This app will let you know if you're a good kisser and help you to become one.

  • Easy to use
  • Great ice breaker
  • Must kiss phone

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"Are You A Good Kisser?"


Kiss the the Give A Kiss app and let it tell you if you're a good kisser or still need some work. Simply kiss the screen and it will rate you. It also have a section for couples to see if you are kissing compatible. Now the app claims to help you become a better kisser, but really? I don't think it can do that. Instead, it's simply a fun little app you can use at parties and get people kissing!


It's an easy to use app that's fun to use to get people interacting and engaging with each other.


It's kind of weird, kissing your phone.

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by Molly

Mar 21, 2015

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