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Are you a Pathfinder GM tired of flipping through piles of books to simply generate a random magic item? Tired of your players moaning like the undead while you look up an encounter? Then GM Assistant is for you! This generator will speed game play, make your life easier, and keep the players from hurling d20s at your head.

Generates random:
* Encounters
* Magic items
* Plot elements
* NPCs
* Weather

Encounters (by terrain and CR)
* Pathfinder Bestiary
* Rise of the Runelords
* Kingmaker

Magic Items (minor, medium, major)
* Weapons
* Armor
* Shields
* Rods
* Staves
* Wands
* Rings
* Potions
* Wondrous

* Main plot points
* Plot twists
* Goals
* MacGuffins

* Names based on race and gender
* Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Human, Orc
* Background
* Mental characteristics
* Physical features
* A secret the NPC knows
* Reward the NPC offers
* Generate all
* Save NPCs with notes

* Based on climate and season

Coming Soon:
* Generate encounter based on CR (per user feedback)
* More adventure path specific encounters

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