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    The top of prank, the concluder of prank, entrust a prank to this application.

    ☆☆☆ launching event : discount 50% ☆☆☆

    Do you want to surprise your friend? Do you want to see your friend's surprised and embarrassed figure?
    This one application makes your life happier.
    God of play application you enjoy with your friend who is very familiar with you, very kind, whom you can beat when fighting!

    ★★If you choose one game among 6 ones and play it, the mischievous result the other man will be very embarrassed during the game appears

    ★★ It is a complete game screen from the icon to the main screen

    ★★As the name of application is indicated as "God of game", the other man can never notice

    ★★Since it is performed as if you really play the game, anyone can not help being deceived


    Although it is not a game application two men enjoy together using the network, it is an application interesting 1.5 times as much as when two men play the game together as a miraculous communication application of a little embarrassed one and 3 times interested the other one.
    It is an application having you smile like your father or mother while seeing your friend being surprised when going to the school by bus or subway with him and laugh not being able to rest at recess at school and correct the crooked neckties using maximum power by two hands with company colleagues.
    Although one man feels interested a little more, it is a degree that the other man who did not enjoy can release anger provided he gives him ice cream or vending machine coffee.

    If he demands more things, report him.
    It can be also called sage test in other word. kkkkkkk


    Use tip 1) If you want to get out of each play, shake ipone, ipot, and ipad several times and it returns to the original state.

    Use tip 2) When the other man has been surprised as the zombie came out, speak to him slowly as possible. If you laugh by 7 octave, uncontrollable situation can happen.

    Use tip 3> If the other man's face is embarrassed,(liquid crystal broken, formatting) press him to give you.

    [ Use method ]
    ★★ Load the application and recommend the other man the game (or the other man only see the icon and load the application voluntarily.)

    ★★Choose one game among 6 ones and play it. (The other man can never notice as the real game is loaded.)

    ★★ Very embarrassing result such as zombie appears or liquid crystal broken effect, formatting during the game appears.

    ★★ Your friend is very embarrassed.

    ★★ You will laugh for 10 minutes with fun when seeing the figure.

    ★★A day of yours gets happy.

    ★★ After this whenever meeting the friend, your lifetime is interesting while recollecting the figure.

    [ Application function ]
    1) 6 game plays are available. (Number game: 1 to 16, finding wrong picture, beating boss, quick instinct test, king of defeating, boxing)

    2) The mischievous results of 6 games are different. (Zombie appearance, liquid crystal broken, effect while formatting, blue screen, graphic broken, Smart phone winning)

    [ Suggestions ]
    ★★ This application is a mischief application to tease your friend not game application.

    ★★ Zombie suddenly appears in number game(1 to 16) and Hidden Catch. Therefore children, the elderly, mind and body weak people can not use it and user may drop the machine as being surprised.

    ★★ Please turn on the volume to the maximum to maximize the effect of this application. / If you want to end the result screen, shake the machine strongly for several times.

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