GongXiFaCai Camera Fortune App



GongXiFaCai Camera Fortune App
Gong Xi Fa Cai Camera Fortune App
Fortune camera application program that detects position of person's face, and puts "GongXiFaCai" on head.
The face position is in real time detected in the preview image of the camera by using the face detection library, and GongXiFaCai is put on the head.

When happily rising all at the party etc. , it is happier.
Get depressed alone and to the recreation when it is lonely.
The usage of "[GongXiCamera]" is infinity. Because the fate is recorded, the history is also good.

There is occasionally a thing that "[GongXiFaCai]" goes out to the place without the relation. It is "Surprise [GongXiFaCai]. " !
If the sign of the good omen or the lottery is bought, it is likely to hit. The history is still good.

Please enjoy the world of "[GongXiCamera]" without reserve by such feeling.

*Adjust Focus
Display Tapping, Left ALT Key, Enter Key

*Take a Picture(with Adjust Focus)
Camera Button, Search Key, Push Track Ball

*Take a Picture(Immediately, without Adjust Focus)
Space Key, Right ALT Key

*Save Picture Directory

Ex. {sd-card}/DCIM/100GONGXI/G0012345.jpg

au IS01(Android 1.6)
Ainol Novo7(Android 4.0)
Galaxy Nexus7(Android 4.2)
Arrows Me(Android 4.0)

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